Last Class Assignments

10 Jul

Please work to complete the following assignments before our next class on July 15th.

  • Post a reflection on your blog (include some form of media) about your experience with our virtual class on Friday, July 8th.
  • Comment on the Respecting the Brain post about something new you learned.
  • Read and comment on at least one of your classmate’s blogs. Find the list on the right side.
  • Test your computer for July 15th’s online/virtual class. Contact Steve for technical support. Log in on the right under Bb Collaborate vOffice.
  • Continue to work on *Digital Storytelling Assignment (due July 15th) – assignment checklist
  • Continue to work on the Technologically Integrated Unit Plan (due July 30th) – descriptionrubric

*Digital Stories can be shared with me and Jim either through the Dropbox folder (MU_Digital Stories) or a link from YouTube or Vimeo.

I will be at the Reston Center on July 15th for class. Class should last no more than 2 hours.

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