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Presentation Skills

Don McMillan: Life After Death by PowerPoint

Where the Hell is Matt?



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Word Clouds

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Podcast Encore part 2

On Friday we had great presentations of three podcast assignments. Featured software was, Jing, Windows Movie Maker, Audacity, Aviary’s Myna, Blabberize, Google Earth and Prezi.

Google Earth Podcast by Lori, Kim and Do

Prezi – How To by Jennifer O., Merete and Suzanne

Abraham Lincoln Podcast by Jen R., Mindy and Meg

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TEDxNYED – Heidi Hayes Jacobs

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Digital Visitors & Residents v. Digital Immigrants & Natives

Chapter 12 of our course text Curriculum 21 referred to Marc Prensky’s concept for understanding the digital learner. Prensky classified educators as Digital Natives (born into a digital world) and the Digital Immigrants (take on the digital world while holding onto life before) – [you can read more about this concept in our Blackboard course>Class Activities>21st Century Skills]. Does the age of the learner really matter? I did not grow up with the access to technology that my 5 year old daughter has. So does this make me an immigrant with an accent?

Many educators in technology are beginning to reject Prensky’s concept. John White is an educator and researcher that has a different concept, Digital Visitors v. Digital Residents. Check out his blog post and video below to learn more.

What do you think? Add a comment to this post as one of this week’s assignments.